Friday, October 30, 2009

Hallowe’en Hopefully.

Tomorrow night I’m going to dress as a nerd and drink lots of Southern Comfort. Hoorah!

I got a nice cardigan and jumper today. And I went to SVP.And I had a sort of good hair day and face day and clothes day. I’m off to watch Hot Rod and consume icecream now and, you know, think about how nice life is today. This is me feeling genuinely happy, by the way. Innit that it’s swell? I pretty much love everything right now.

Fact #1: I use the word ‘fact’ too much. You’d think I was the most factual person in the world and never embellish or exaggerate. Haw haw haw.

Eeeeeeeeeee Ennnnnnn. x

PS. This is a lovely website.

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  1. If I were to dress as a nerd,I'd wear my ordinary clothes! :D Nerdiness ftw ;)
    And ooooh,new clothes,especially winter clothes,are such happiness inducers!
    And good hair days are amazing in general (:
    And wallow in that happiness! (:
    And thanks for the website,looks gooood.
    And I say "and" wayyy too much,so don't worry about sayin' a few facts :)



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