Monday, October 19, 2009

Average School-day Update.

I’ve been rather good today and completed lots of homework. Sort of. A lot by my standards. And a lot for a Monday night. As a reward for my hard slog, a blog.

I am going to do PE tomorrow. My stuff is already packed. This is frightening, this progress, this enthusiasm. I’m nervous and worried about sweat and redfacedness and mobile mammary glands. However, we’re all friends here, I suppose… So wish me luck as I embark upon exercise. I’ll risk it’ll be basketball. Why so predictable, Mr Kiley? Liven things up a bit, please. I get the ominous feeling that I’ll regret having typed that. He’ll have us doing rugby or something equally as muddy and rough-and-tumble, the likes of which I’m not a big fan.

Mr O’Dwyer has noticed that I’ve been evading any big Chemistry test we’ve been set. Dammit. I’ve been thwarted, clearly. I do think he will be impressed, however, by my heroic attempt at writing up an experiment of which I have little understanding. Kudos to me. Yes yes.

Maths is becoming frustrating and boring all at once. Well, things get boring for me when I can’t do ‘em. Which is why Maths is now beyond the Valley of the Boring and venturing into the Land of Mind-Numbing Monotony. Am I the only person in the world to not only not understand probability but to not actually see its use either? It’d really make you wonder, the whole thing…

Religion: Makin’ babies. Enough said.

Off to see King Lear in the cinema on Wednesday. Can’t wait. Hilarity ahoy. Pretty sure it’s the same version that Kate and I watched at my house last Christmas. Was hilarious then. Will be more hilarious now due to larger screen and audience. Logic.

On a more personal note, I miss human contact. I miss summer for that very reason. I miss proper hugs and deep and meaningful conversations that are not interrupted by bedtime or school or, I don’t know, distance. Roll on mid-term please so I can remind myself what a proper conversation sounds/ feels like. Copious amounts of cuddles, also.

In the meantime, I am sort of enjoying this mid-week alone time and independence. I believe it suits me, sort of.

Off to learn German (or pretend to) and watch Monday night telly. Wonder is Father Ted on? Looking forward to Sarah & Steve laterzz.

Toodles, I suppose. x

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  1. Ahh! I forgot about Sarah & Steve! Thank you for reminding me! :)


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