Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Is always the question. It is with me anyway. And the answer is usually ‘yes’. But this time, I earned the luxury. I spent all evening doing my homework (just like yesterday, but with fewer interruptions) and this is my way of unwinding. I could read Cujo and frighten myself silly or I could watch repeats of QI, but I’m happy enough to write for the time being and update the masses on the glorified mess that is my life.

This UCAS thing is a bit worrying. But I’ve sort of had a change of heart and I’m pretty much glued to the notion of going to Dublin. And if I don’t get the 5,375,790,809 points necessary for Pharmacy in Trinners, I’ll settle for English & German and off I go to travel and write and read and it will be amazing. An adventure. I will still apply to UCLan, ‘cause I’m basically in love with the place, but I’m giving myself some leeway, ya know? Yeah.

I pretty much love everything at the moment. Even all the crap stuff. Even those conversations that you don’t want to have but you need to have. I’m glad it’s over and done with. I really needed to get that stuff off my chest and now I have and it’s further closure and so long and all the rest.

You have no idea how excitable I am now purely because I did all my homework. I think I am the definition of a lazy bitch – moved to near delirium when I actually do accomplish something. It is that much of a rarity. Oh well.

What is our PE teacher’s name? He is a complete fool if he tracks me down (and the ten or so others who also opted out of PE today) to get a page of drivel about the point of basketball. There is no point to basketball. A mere way to kill time for those with more vertical inches than brain cells. Harsh? Don’t like basketball. Actually, just don’t like PE.

Do, however, adore English class lately. Why, I don’t know. I think the glory of the whole thing has become apparent to me all over again. I love it. Here’s hoping this new-found love of the language will affect this blog and I’ll write less like a jabbering fool and more like someone who’s supposed to be fluent in the English tongue? Don’t hold your breath.

I’d love to be able to construct a poem but I don’t think I’m minimal enough. Isn’t poetry supposed to say a lot in a few words? I can’t do that. There’s barely meaning to this lengthy prose, never mind attempting to place significance on a five word sentence. Not my thing. Personally, I prefer to just go on and on and on.
Oh, I’d love to be more personal in this. I’d love to tell you everything. But, let’s face it, you know enough about my life as it is to at least regard me as a little bit addled in the brain, never mind me spilling the beans entirely and ending up getting myself committed. Or hated. You never know.

I had a lovely weekend. A lovely bus journey to Dublin. And a lovely nap on the way there and back. I was scared (and insensible) but in the best way possible. I love this.

I wore my new hat.
That’s pretty much all for the minute. It’s ten to eleven. I’m pooped. And leaving on a jetplane. Let's converse sometime? Set the ball rolling by commenting the blog. Surely you have an opinion on something I’ve vaguely mentioned in this vague blog post? Of course you do. Best girl. x

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  1. my pe teacher looks like ray darcy
    i was all about doing pharmacy up to ty. then went on work experience in a pharmacy and i was like, 'this would drive me to suicide.'
    not to put you off, that's just how it was for me


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