Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Terrible Tuesday.

My eyes are stinging. The cold hasn't departed yet.

I'm not entirely sure how to act or react now. I mean, I've come to terms with it (what can I say? I move fast), but I don't know how to be. School will be rough. But, finally, my life is my life. And that feels good.

I sort of want revenge. I sort of hope that all of this ends up thrown back in your face. Then maybe you'll realise how you made me feel so many fucking times.

Anyway, onwards and upwards and that.

I still want company. I feel lonely. Hmm.

Wish #1: I would like a packet of Minstrels and a duvet and some pleasant company and a nice chat, please. Seriously. I'd do anything right now for that. Simple pleasures, etc.

School tomorrow. The very thoughts of it. Just everything. Hmm. Suck it up, Emma. Be br00tal, etc.

This was just a filler. Clearly.

I think I'm going to do that whole No Internet, No Telly for a Week thing. That was a good week. Need more inspiration. Need more privacy. These blogs are getting way too personal. Feedback, please though? Comment the blog or email me, you nutters. Stop me in my tracks if this is all too much for you.

Also, while I'm on the subject of feedback and that, I really do appreciate people's opinions on this blog. It stuns me that normal people actually enjoy reading what I'm babbling on about on a given day. So thanks very much. If you've ever said anything nice to me about this blog, you've basically made my day. For serial. :)

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