Monday, September 14, 2009


Louis Vuitton mink bell hat: $1,190. I kid you not. I wouldn't mind but it's not even that nice. It's grand, like, but you could get pretty much the same thing in River Island. Probably even Penneys. Can't find a picture of said hat but this is probably for the best. I will, however, link you. If you're at all interested: (It's not a very specific link, since Adobe flashplayer is a little bitch, but if you are that interested, look a bit harder.)

My feet are sore. My head is sore.

I need some serious motivation. I need a bit of pep in my step. This Sixth Year thing is bothering me already and it seems like everyone else has it under control when I can barely (and not always) manage to get my homework done in the evenings. I need a plan. I need strict instructions and no leeway at all. But first I need to get rid of this awful cold.

Didn't get to sleep 'til well after three in the morning, snotty-nosed and miserable. Ended up sending stupid texts to just about everyone in my phone, sitting up in my bed in the dark, miserable. God, I hate being sick. My mother thinks I am pretending. I realise that it has been known to happen in the past but, this time, I genuinely am ill as an ill thing. I have an appointment to see Dr Richard at quarter past four. I haven't seen him in so long. I actually miss him.

Not really able for today, to be honest. It's the mood I'm in, it's the Swine Flu. I'm just not able. I'd like to go to sleep for a few weeks, maybe wake up again at Christmas when I can spend gratuitous amounts of time in Mooncoin and not study for the Pres. I think that could be quite amazing all 'round.

I actually have nothing to write about. Well, I have plenty to write about but I'm in such an abysmal mood, I'd just end up sounding like the Grinch who stole, I dunno, year-round joy. Such is what the Swine Flu will do to you.

I'm dying. Probably.

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