Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lemsip Induced Gibberish.

Sporadic sentences FTW.

I like exclamation marks, but only in moderation.
I like South Park.
I like life and I really like the way Sixth Year is going.

I'm actually able to talk to people this year. Which is bizarre. And cutting it fine. My very last year in school and I decide to start making conversation. It's nonsense mostly and they think I'm a bit quirky, but I'd rather that than have them think I was a miserable bitch. I was a miserable bitch up to now, I think. It was only at the tail end of Fifth Year that things started properly looking up for me and I'm only really used to it by now. Even if I do keep forgetting to take my tablets.

I love this year: I love my friends. I love having Katie and Hazel and Hannah and Bert around. Basically makes my days lately.

I hate being sick. I look rough. This is depressing. Snotty tissues and red eyes and a red nose. Eww. Really makes you appreciate health and stuff though. Can't wait to have energy again and be clean and shiny and that. And be able to concentrate on stuff. Like school. I really am going to give academia a decent shot from now on. I have no excuse anymore.

No more blogs about things that don't matter. (: What a relief!

Clare sa Spéir happens to be one of the most depressing short films to ever grace the small screen and the most depressing in the Irish language. King Lear is a fool of a man. And what the fuck was with the economic and social policies of Fianna Fáil back in the day?

I swear too much. No more swearing. Good girl. Best girl.

I know it's two in the morning and that, but I'd love a bit of company right now. Idle banter. Chit chat. Tea. Cuddles. A nice film. A real deep and meaningful moment, y'know? That, please. I want that.

Effing adore South Park.


  1. clara sa spéir ftl. as for king lear: everyone dies. except kent, who cunningly disguises himself by . . . shaving off his beard!

  2. he's a clever one, alright. ughh.


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