Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I'm failing to think of hilarious and witty and apt titles for my blog posts these days. What's happening to me? Blog post titles were always my strong point. Hmm. I think it's safe to say that I've lost my touch.

However, life is amazing. Clever blog post title or lack thereof, life is good. Basically.

This will be brief. And badly written. But it's just an update.

I feel a bit weird. Good weird. Scared. But excited. Eeep. This feeling is so nice. And new.

Sixth Year. Bit draining. So I've chosen to blog instead of doing homework. Good idea? Bad idea? Ughh. Off to a bad start, maybe. But I'll live. I lived before. There were slack days in Fifth Year but I survived that smiling. I'm not trying to kid myself into thinking I can do the same thing in Sixth Year and get away with it. But, y'know, I need sleep tonight anyway. And warm water for my poor throbbing feet. And copious amounts of tea. And QI. For educational purposes, obviously.

Debs was excellent.

I'm in love with Of Montreal lately. For soup-er cereal. (; Lately, I've been so happy, just holding you and gazing into your eyes like in a movie... Ooh. Baby, you're magic is working.

I literally have nothing else to write about. I'd forgotten how good I was at procrastinating though. It's a talent, it really is.

Oh, also, I'm eighteen in exactly a week. Big deal? Small deal? No deal!


  1. i'm jealous
    i'm not 18 til may
    how gay.

  2. Fun fact: I wasted most of my free time in 6th year on the fucking internet. I started my blog 2 weeks before the exams. I came out ok. Therefore, vis a vis, blogging is good. Keep it up ;)


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