Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Future etc.

The Career Exhibition in Limerick today was a bit of a realisation thing. Probably a sign that I shouldn’t be doing Pharmacy. Since there’s no easy way for me to do it. And I know that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the end of the road vis-á-vis Pharmacy but, I don’t know, my mind’s gone wandering and I’m in the throes of examining other options. Which isn’t normally like me. It’s either all or nothing when it comes to this kind of thing. Or else tears. And I very nearly did cry earlier when I realised that there is no way I’ll get into Trinners next year. Ya know when ya can feel yer face heating up etc? I had that.
But I’m okay now. And the more I think about it, the more I’m beginning to wonder if it’s some sort of divine intervention, the whole thing. By rights, I should be doing English or Journalism. I’ve wanted to be a writer since Day Dot. At least since Third Class in school. I was nine. Meaning that I’ve wanted to be a writer for a full half of my life. Would it not be crude to abandon that now? Ever feel like you’re meant to do something? I don’t know how I feel about the idea of destiny but I do think that Emma Norris is supposed to write, famously or otherwise. I don’t know. I don’t want to seem pompous. But I’m just, you know, all a dither and confused.
Pharmacy @ Trinity: 550 points and a HC3 in Chemistry, plus another in either Physics, Biology or Maths. If I worked extremely hard for the next eight months, there is a small chance I could get enough points to land me in Trinners. But no amount of praying or rolling die or some other voodoo nonsense will change the fact that I am wonderfully apt at pass Maths, and that honours would be the death of me. And why did I not pick Biology way back at the end of TY? History instead and it is the bane of my life. It is far too late in the game to start Blodge and live to tell the tale come August. I just don’t have it in me. So no Trinity.
English Lit & Film Studies/ German @ Trinity: Feasible. But a lot of points. And I do like the idea of reading books for four years and talking about the books for four years, and I also like the idea of being fluent in German (really I do. You have no idea.). I don’t know. I know I could do a Masters in Journalism after but it just seems like so much hard work. I don’t know if it would genuinely suit me or if I only want it to suit me. I know every course is going to be hard work because it is college, after all. But I don’t want to get myself in too deep. I really don’t know.
Journalism @ DCU: In love, much? For some bizarre reason, I think I am. I could see myself as a journalist. I went through my, like, three or four year long phase of wanting to write for the paper and it was going to be amazing and all the rest and I did all my research about working in editing and publishing and I did my work experience and the whole thing was going to be fantastic. And then the longing just went off me. I convinced myself that I wasn’t a people person. But if I think I have to be, I am. It’s about necessity, isn’t it? I could be a journalist, couldn’t I? I don’t want it to be a throwaway course though. And I know it’s such a competitive career. And that’s not me at all. But I don’t know. It’s writing. And I love writing. And I don’t want to have a monopoly on the print media, I just want to write. Hmm.
Opinions, please.
Oh, also, regards UCAS, I am thinking Pharmacy in the University of Central Lancashire and in the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. But I don’t know. No harm in applying anyway. Think I’ll get Ms Jones to write my reference. Which reminds me, must get ‘round to doing that German reading comprehension before the night is out. German reading comprehensions really are the bane of my life.

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In other news, I glanced at my foot earlier and a memory flashed into my head of that time during the summer when me and Derval were in Aldi (as happens during these recessionary times) and I picked up those four pack 1.5 L bottles of water and the handle broke and the whole thing smashed my foot into smithereens when it hit it with its dead weight. Oh, the pain. Very swollen The bruise was amazing. Is it weird that I like bruises? I like the colours…
Also, I got purple fishnet tights and silver hairbands in Penneys today. Good buys but I hate being poverty-stricken. Need to fix this horrible inflection of my life.
Saturday should be good. Cheap booze from Aldi (should the mother not let me down) and sesiúin ar siúil i dteach Drohan. Táim ag súil go mór leis. (:
I have an incredibly spotty forehead of late. Someone please tell me why these things happen to my already less-than-aesthetically-pleasing face. Also, I need a haircut. In a bad way. My hair is crap. Flat as a pancake. And dull as a doorknob. Need a change, bah.
Hmm. What else? I don’t know. What a crap blog post. And I expect to be a journalist? I should be ashamed of myself. But seriously. Honest humble opinions on that, please? Email if ya want: emmajnorris@hotmail.com Best girl.
More later, perhaps. Now: German homework. More than likely bed after that. I don’t know about you but I am exhausted.
However, life is good and I like the idea that this time next year, it will have once again done a complete three-sixty and it’s all so exciting. I adore it. Woot. So long.

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  1. i glanced through this post and my eyes zoned in on 'purple fishnet tights' which reminded me that more than a year ago i bought purple fishnet footless tights. which i have never worn. perhaps the time is now ripe

    lovely post


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