Saturday, September 05, 2009

Feeling Terrified?

What a wonderful feeling!

I have an itchy finger. Itchy trigger finger? Hmm. Fleas? Swine flu? I am kind of snotty-nosed today. But I had a cup of tea (as though I need an excuse) to try and drive the disease-ridden sweat from my body. Hyponchondriacs R Us.

Life is so scary. Five hundred and fifty points for Pharmacy in Trinners. I feel a bit ill. But wonderfully motivated.

Life is scary but in the best way possible. All of this right now is just amazing. Everything is just, y'know, nice. In a lovely even keel kind of normal way. I love it.

Oh, the moths, how they consume the hatred! You may starve, moths! Inside joke. I'm not actually mental... Ha. Just about.

I officially have no clothes. Damn. Must go locate something that's not in tatters or too small or too big or whatevs, bbz. Also going to go wash.

Ya know what's a bad idea? Thinking about things. I hate being forced to think about things. I don't know if there's anything I abhor more than being forced to face certain home truths. I'll deal with them in my own time and at my own pace. Please don't mention them to me. Unless it's painfully obvious that I don't know of their existence. Most of the time, I do. I just quite like denial. Hmm.

Terror. Terrible terror. But, gosh, I'm excited.

What a ghastly and repetitive blog. Apologies.

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