Friday, September 04, 2009

Don't Give Up Now, OK?

'Life' is a word I use too much and I'm not even entirely sure what it means. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

My existence has changed a lot lately. I'm not used to this new me though. Often, the whole thing is a bit bizarre. But I wouldn't change it. Not for anything. Life goes on and we all have to move on, one way or another. Severing all ties is not something I do very well. I like having friends, I'll be honest. This might be a bad idea but I'll deal with the consequences later if I have to.

I'm liking Sixth Year even though it sent me reeling into a paroxysm of weeping last night. Or perhaps that was the exhaustion? Sixth Year feels strange. Life is moving on. I'm almost an adult. Does this mean I can vote on the Lisbon Treaty? And, if so, what should I be voting? And what exactly would I be voting for? Once upon a time (for whatever reason), I was interested in politics. I am glad I have outgrown this silly phase. Surely life (whatever it is) is more important?

I'm rambling. Excuse me.

I'm a nervous little bitch at the best of times and whether or not last night's terrible mood addled my brain all the more, I don't know, but suddenly I feel like a freak. This is terrible. Damn butterflies. Why aren't I cool, calm and collected?

I say 'damn terrible', but I mean 'damn excellent'. In a funny, scary sort of lovely way. This is an adventure. Terribly terrified but wicked excited.

Table Quiz tonight. As it turns out (and this will shock you), I don't want to go. Who knew Emma Norris was antisocial? Horrified? Me too. Gutted when I found out. I'm so sleepy. Bed at ten, up at half seven, yet still pure exhausted. And such an unnatural amount of homework has never yet been seen on this earth. I wonder if I have time for a nap before life resumes?

Anyone remember that film Ghost with Patrick Swayze? There is a film I would kill to see again. (Pun? Anyone? Sort of?)

I'm yawning here like a yawn thing.

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