Monday, August 24, 2009

Life Is Changing Quite Erratically.

To celebrate, an erratic blog post.

I'm finding it difficult to keep up with. Life is so bizarre sometimes. And these last few have been the strangest months of my life. So much has changed. And yet nothing at all. I think I like it.

Sixth Year on Friday. I'm excited. Sort of. New friends and a new outlook on life and new shoes and a new plan and something to aim towards. My new life.

The marks will fade. They always do. I'm not that brave, after all.

Don't give up now, ok?

It's amazing how fast those grey clouds subside when the place where you lay your head is tension-free and hilarious.

I can't wait for that other life that will one day manifest itself in secret in London. Everything will be amazing. I will be so happy. I'm happy now, I think, but that other life is basically everything.

Black Kids + Suzanne Vega + Lily Allen = A quite smitten Emma Norris.

I'm looking forward to getting my head down in the books. But I won't make any promises.

I can't wait to start work. Ughh. Need independence to some degree.

It really irks me that you think I won't survive. I fucking will survive. Just to prove you wrong. And I won't ever look back. I hope you get that. Eugh.

Ya know what I really like about Vista? The way ya can search fer programmes very quickly on the start menu. This is quite useful. You have my seal of approval, Microsoft.

Hmm. What kind of a day do we have in store for ourselves? I'm going to go wash now. And probably update further later on.

I like secrets.

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