Friday, August 28, 2009

First Day Of School.

Would my mother ever go get a life for herself? Can she literally not do anything by herself?

That song is actually turning my stomach. Sorry, but it is.

School was amazing. I've turned back into Emma 'The Spastic' Norris, however. This day has gone so fast. Ms Jones is still here! Alas, we no longer have Ms Grace for Careers. Ms Doherty with her agenda for History: hoorah! New room for Irish, new room for Maths. New Maths copy. How exciting.

I smell like sweat and school. Eww. I think I'm going to go wash and perhaps watch Jonathan Woss laterz. Does anyone know if it's still on? New series? Hiatus? What's the story, like?

Had Katie Mash 'round mine after school. She made herself a banana sandwich and I had a crisp sandwich and the nicest cup of tea. Unhealthy but rather epic all the same. Nom nom etc.

The timetable this year is none too shabby although we are lacking a double German, which is a bit dodgy. Double PE on a Tuesday. Could be worse, I suppose. Pretty disgusted about the Careers thing. Will have to track down Ms Grace in the corridors to interrogate her about the UCAS application. The juicy bitch up and left poor 6 Fiona just when we/ I needed her. Ughh. Pure torture last year and for what, like? A2 in Careers Project? Was ist der Point?

No school Monday. Debs! Wicked excited! Got all browned up there last night. You should have smelled me. I thought I was going to die in bed this morning. Honestly. Couldn't wait for a shower. I still smell though. But I am brown. My hands look a bit diseased though. Absolutely do not care and absolutely cannot wait for beverages and din-dins and getting dressed up and getting boho'd. I love life right now. I love this lack of seriousness. You have no idea. I wish I could tell you, really I do. It's just, I dunno, beautiful...

I've been thinking all day and Plan B and Plan C. Y'know. If the Pharmacy thing falls by the wayside (leaving me utterly heartbroken): I could risk Pharmaceutical Science in WIT. Also, I wouldn't mind German and Chemistry/ English teaching. I'd settle for that. But Pharmacy really is the thing.

Swine Flu. It's a pandemic, you know. So bizarre.

It's a nice evening. I am exhausted. Would utterly love to just climb into bed now. That could be quite beautiful. You'd think I'd been hard at work all day. I haven't even been hard at school. Did pretty much nothing all day. But, gahh, Ms Twohig is an awful slave-driver, Gos bless 'er.

History Special Topic: something sciencey? Hmm. Thou doth digress.

My room's a bit messy. I need to sort out stuff for school. Zero funds. Ughh.

I'm in such an amazing mood. I remember now why I lurrrrve academia. And why everyone in school thinks I'm nuts.

Life iz good. Yeah, boi.


  1. special topic?
    mine is The Salem Witch Trials.
    Though I am now wishing I had picked something a little more exciting.

  2. Have to say, I fucking love this blog. Kudos on the awesome factor of your verbage:) Also, I went through the ucas thing when I did the LC, so if you need advice or anything I'll gladly help:)


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