Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dirty, Little Secrets.

Last night and today were lovely. Impossible to blog when I'm happy. Ughh. Apologies for this drivel. But, for me, it makes a nice change from all the nasty stuff that's been going on in my life and in my head. This won't last long, this bliss. But right now I'm happy. Everything else can fuck off.

Including Phlegm Boy. What a loser. What a little bitch...

Waterford today. Debs dress and shoes and a big red flower. Saw The Hangover. Utterly hilarious. Belly-aching kind of hilarious. BK Speak? What the fuck, like? Ooh, everything is quite beautiful right now.

I'm in bed, all warm and cosy after being out in that cold rain. South Park is on and I'm thinking that I'd quite like a cup of tea.

This is getting a bit much, this Blogger Bandwagon Fiasco. It's turning my stomach, really it is. I'm not suggesting for one minute that people are at all interested in my life and reading about my mundane melodramas, but I have always had this outlet in writing. And now metaphorical faeces have been smeared all over the whole fucking thing. Ughh. I'm a miserable little bitch though. But fuck sake.

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  1. http://whosaidan-theyesman.blogspot.com/

    He's a good addition to the Blogger world, I assure you.


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