Friday, August 14, 2009

All That Excitement.

And there is plenty of it at present. Looking forward to going out tomorrow night. Really. Black playsuit and playing around and scoring drinks off randomers. I think it will be a laugh. Bag a salt, lick a lemon, dash a Fairy Liquid!

Went for my interview today. Think I made a good impression but who knows? I was all clean and tidy and professional and smiley and that. Say a prayer for me though. Just in case.

Also bought this cup rack thing in the second-hand shop for a euro. Handy for my jewellery, like. Sanded it down all by myself but ended up persuading Mother to paint it for me. It looks super. Currently waiting for it to dry. Finding it difficult to wait to put all my jewellery on it, however. I am actually that childishly impatient.

Went to the library earlier to print out my CV and upon learning that I was just about to go for a job interview, Andrew waved away any notion of me paying him the 40c for the paper and ink used in the printing process. Bless him!

Also, while I was in the library, I got a book about Oscar Wilde, being in that slighty obnoxious and arrogantly poetic kind of mood myself lately. Good book it is, too.

Hmm. What else?

Did up this blog. Change and that. Onwards and upwards. Also cleared out my room the other day. It is practically void of any paraphernalia that might remind me of something that doesn't exist anymore. All that remains is a small photograph and two chocolate eggs and possibly a few bus tickets. Everything else is stored away out of sight in the wardobe or the box on top. Phew. Life goes on.

I'm happy. I think. I'm certainly getting there a lot faster than I ever imagined I would. I just hope I'm not tricking myself into it.

I'm happy but every second word that comes out of my mouth reminds me of some private joke we had. And I feel my stomach lurch.

I also realised that I can only write well when I'm pure miserable. And I'm not now. So this sounds shit.

But I have plenty to look forward to. And there are plenty more fish in the sea. Think I'll opt for a starfish next time.

More later.


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