Friday, July 24, 2009

Shit Talk 101

Summer seems to me as though it is drawing to a close. It doesn't especially bother me that I did nothing at all in any way exciting other than camp out the back with Dillon in the rain and travel to London and faint a few times, but it does bother me that thus far I have not revised my German oral work. Must do that...

I am looking forward to Sixth Year in a way that to even me seems bizarre. Bloody well looking forward to life. Have very nearly decided upon UCLan for college. And am making myself laugh just thinking about it. I really can't wait until the whole epoch kicks off.

I am blonde now. Who'd have thunk it? Very exciting.

I actually have nothing at all to write about, do I?

Going pubbing (finally!) with the brother tonight before his departure on Sunday. Ought to mention to him at some stage over the course of the evening's festivities that he is paying for my Debs dress. Stupid Debs. (:

Peculiar weather out. Hmm. I miss Xbox. And Paul the dog, mine and Dillon's span new friend. He likes menstruation. Paul, not Dillon.

Spilled orange juice all over my bed the other night. It now smells like piss. Living in the fucking Dark Ages in this house. Must go to dry cleaners...

Looking forward to tomorrow night's thing with Aisling. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Ah, the fond memories of laughing uproariously at the Paki who they all picked on, while surrounded by unassuming twelve year olds. Eep. Hilarity.

Should really go to the doctor to get those blood test results.

Anyone know a cheap DJ, by the way? Hateee planning things.

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