Saturday, July 04, 2009

one rather dull moment in time.

I painted my nails and they're chipped already.

Last night was a bit strange. I'm too loud, far too loud. And peculiar. If only it were in a charming, endearing way. Alas, I am but a social retard. Oh well.

At least no one's dead or pregnant.

We all remain better friends at a slight distance.

Wouldn't mind a Chinese now. Or blondeness. Or Nerd Glasses. These things are running through my night's sleep. Well, not the Chinese bit.

What a strange day...

Dreading tomorrow. Hate Sundays. Also hate the great patriarch. Am beginning to, at least.

I wonder what it feels like to not want for anything. Is it then time to die?

Have an urge to learn how to drive. That brother of mine better teach me. Really looking forward to seeing him this week. (:

Debs dress. Ugh.

Job job job.

I am beginning to brainwash myself.

Need a holiday, I think. Bit of silence, maybe?

Have a mouth ulcer. Mm.

Where are the parentals?

Who will dance with the tinker's daughter?

I like being at my sister's house because it's very nice and pretty and cosy and all that but there is literally nothing to do there except sit quietly, eat or look at her clothes with envy. Fiddown is a hole. Sorry, but it is.

Will I miss Carrick? I'll miss knowing my way around but that's about the extent of it. Bleh.

I keep asking for book recommendations but, honest to God, I can't even read. I have lost the patience and the intrigue. Strangely, have developed something of a liking for blogging. Which is a pity, a real pity. Everyone will know everything. I have no sense of keeping things to myself. There are some things that you really shouldn't announce to the internet at large but I never really know what those things are. Hmm. This will be the death of me. Then again, I said cider farts would be the death of me but I'm still standing, if a little bowleggedly.

Good Things
South Park
That denim purse that turned up again lately
My friends
Bed in the day time

Bad Things
Sneaking around
Bed in the night
The Simpsons
Alcoholic beverages

I don't know why but I felt like compiling some class of a list then. I sort of miss the OCD a bit. I'm much less organised and commited these days, if a lot more happy. Hmm.

Sixth Year then, yeah? I probably shouldn't mention it. I'm rather excited about it.

I hate to say it, but today is a bit shit...

Never a dull moment, as they say.

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