Thursday, July 02, 2009

New hair?











Reactions? I pretty much want to be her now. She is beautiful.

Too much alcohol probably spoils the broth too, you know. Hmm.

Half your age plus seven, darling. Rule of Thumb. Rules are made to be broken. So are thumbs.

London. London. London. That's what you call an adventure.

What lovely weather we're having.

I miss thoroughly enjoying alliteration.

Whatever has gotten into me? I dislike being alone.

Teaparty, anyone?

Emily Dickhead's poetry really is an acquired taste.

Books are difficult lately. Stories, that is. Where have all the facts gone? Dewey Decimal System, show me the way to bountiful knowledge!

Everything is very, very boring all of a sudden.

What a to-do we find ourselves in.

It's pretty nippy out. I feel like sleeping out in the tent tonight. But I won't. Of course I won't - too much of a wimp.

There is nothing to do. Well, there is plenty to do but it's all rather boring.

How hard is it to decide to be in a good mood, and then just be in a good mood?

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