Friday, June 19, 2009

Darlin', it's you who puts me in the magic position...

I take too many tablets. My bedroom is actually like the haul after a drug raid. Today, I got cream (for an area not usually discussed at the dinner table) and two repeat prescriptions and a solitary tablet to rid me of a newly acquired infection.

Where am I lately? Where am I is right. Horribly antisocial. Not on purpose. Really want to go out. Longing for a bit of craic. Longing for money. Have nice dresses and nowhere to wear them to. Have lots of good books to read and no time. Or peace and quiet, for that matter.

Why is everything so difficult? Oh, shut up, Emma; you'll only depress yourself. Bleh.

Got my school report today. I counted the points. 445. I am thrilled.

Must paint my nails. I want blue. Alas. I have but green. Green it is then.

I think the Simpsons is a pain of a programme.

I really do want peace and quiet. Would my mother ever snap out of her mood and go get a life for herself?

I think I'm turning into a bad person. Or maybe I've always been. Is looking out for number one a good thing or a bad thing? Sometimes I just don't know. More on that later, I suppose.

'This is great! And all I've done is enter my name: Thrillhouse.'

I decided to get into my bed. It feels like forever since I've actually relaxed. I could stay here for the night, I really could. It's warm and good and I'm happy so long as my mother stays away from me for the night... She wonders why I get stressed out. Why wouldn't I, being on edge every day, wondering if there's something I'm doing wrong? Hmm. Peace and quiet would be quite nice now, without feeling guilty for it. Really, it's hardly my fault there's a recession.

Haha, toe-go...

Short attention span, bbz.

Loving you and leaving you.

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